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Project Description
AS Performance Workbench is a scalability testing application for Analysis Services Cubes. It puts a GUI around monitoring counters, uses multiple threads to simulate high loads, and produces beautiful HTML output documenting your test results.

The goal for AS Performance Workbench is to provide a user-friendly, highly efficient scalability testing and documentation tool for SSAS.

This application has the following features:
  • The ability to use multiple threads to simultaneously generate query workload in a way that simulates multiple simultaneous application users.
  • A function to generate query workload in random order across threads to produce a random workload profile consistent with users taking their own path through the application.
  • Random “think time” intervals when performing “simulated user population” testing.
  • Functions to collect detailed performance counter statistics and present this information graphically, including annotations on graphs to indicate query failures.
  • Automatic production of HTML reports suitable for use in interpreting test results and briefing business users on the test outcome.
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Application Screen Shot

Report Output (HTML)

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